How to install AUX input in your Fiat Doblo 2012

How to install AUX input in your Fiat Doblo 2012

So I got myself a Fiat Doblo 2012 a while back and I am very happy with this car. However from start I was annoyed that the car stereo did not have any AUX input to my phone, hence no way of listening to music or use the car stereo as a hands free setup.

I looked around on several pages and there seem to be two ways of managing this, buy a new stereo or get a cheap cable and install it. I got the cheap cable from Wish but that ended up doing absolutely nothing in my car. The cable I bought from Wish uses the pins AUX R, AUX Ground and AUX L. Sadly this won’t work because the stereo will not find the AUX setting when scrolling through the Media button. However this seems to work for some cars but not my 2012 Doblo. There is also another cable that actually works, but sadly I could not find it right now.

Wrong cable
Wrong cable

But now to the good part. I found a way of doing this without the correct cable. I do not know if this will work for all versions of the Doblo stereo but the one that I have is the Delphi F263.

So what you do is the following:

  • Demount the stereo by inserting 2 tools (or long nails) in the small holes in front of the stereo and pull it out.
  • Look at the schematics for the pin setup on the sticker. Here you also find out if you have the same version as me (F263) Find the pins named AF R, AF Ground, AF L. These pins are the ones that we are going to use for our audio input. In my case I took my crappy Wish cable and cut it so that it could fit on these pins. If you don’t want to buy a Wish cable you can always “Macgyver” something out of a cable shoe (see picture). You will anyways need to do that later on. So connect your audio cable to these pins.

  • Find the pins D OUT and D IN. By looping these pins you will allow the stereo to find the AUX input. So again take a wire and use the cable shoes to connect these two together with a wire.
  • Make sure your connections do not short any other pins.

  • All done. Your Stereo will now find AUX if you press the Media button.

Now what is left is to do is to manage the cable that you connect to your phone/device. In my case, I drilled a hole in the console above the stereo and mounted a 3,5 mm jacket on a washer that I then glued on. You can just use a 3,5mm cable but these cables does not last that long and sooner or later it will fail and then you might need to pull out the stereo again, so please do it right the first time.


I do not take any responsible for your work!
If you decide to drill in the console, make sure you’re not drilling into an Airbag or anything stupid.
If you lack the skills of doing this then DON’T